Stale words


How many times it happens
That we deceive ourselves
We identify us with mere words
Without really knowing,
Practically living them

To make us better
Compared with other?
To demonstrate knowledge?
Or to make a show
In front of us?
Or do we just run after
What is in fashion?…

We try to justify it
With some book-reading
And are even proud of it…

However, when reading
A book about water
We cannot squeeze the water
Out of it – not even one drop…

DidiArtist, 16.05.2017

20 comments on “Stale words

    • Exactly so, dear Jen – without living love and unity of man, respect to Oneness (as we all sit in the same boat), without practising love and unity, there will be no change, but once we have recognized it, our life will take the right direction.
      My Master said: Do good, Be good and Be one….

      All what is good for your soul, dear friend

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