Starlight – yearning


Nightsky dressed
In a web of dreaming galaxies
With endless sparkling stars
Infinity sinking slowly
In the eye of a child
With magic light

Silence speaks
Weaving the night
With a golden thread
Piercing through eternity
Perls of light

Moonlight vaporizes
Losing in dreams
Between past and now
With empty wishes
In the pulse of light

From deep abyss
Lost faces appear
To greet the heart
A wave of life
A touch of light

Voices from far
Streaming through the night
Whisper blue eternity
Echo of the silent sky
Glamour of the midnight light
Dance in the eye of a child…

DidiArtist 10.01.2012


50 comments on “Starlight – yearning

                • Frankly, I do not know all those flowers as my wife takes care of them – I am charge of mowing the grass, repairing the fense, digging new holes for new flower beds. But roses and geraniums are among them. Here, in Finland I went about 10 years ago to the priest and asked that I can help poor and needy people or those who are lonesome. I got an address from an older man and visit him once a week in his home. He had had three strokes and each time had to learn to speak again or move his legs. Since then we became friends and we are happy together in supporting each other.

                  Wishing a great time, dear Carly

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                  • Well, that is a very kind act and heart posture, Didi. πŸ˜€ I volunteer at a food pantry to help the needy who need more food once a week. It feels so good to help out. And it puts things into perspective as to what really matters in life, you know? πŸ˜€

                    I don’t know too much about flowers but it sounds like a fun project you and your wife have going on. My sister is an administrator for a huge organic farm in Texas. πŸ™‚



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                    • Yes, dear Carly, someone said: “The deepest knowledge lies in service of man. I also am happy to help too. So I travel also every year to Kirpal Sagar, this wonderful project where all religions are peacefully under one roof and and where service to man (selfless service) can be practised as well – as there is a hospital, a school, old father’s home, houses for the blind and and and…

                      In fact my wife knows the flowers much better than I do – I know other plants when going to some trekking tours in the wilderness of Finland. Plants which you can eat and which serve for medical help and I also like to pick mushrooms and know a lot in this realm.

                      However, in our garden we also have vegetables – and now during this long day-light we have here, herbs and cucumber, spinach and early potatoes have a fantastic taste.

                      Have a good time, dear friend πŸ™‚

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                    • Very true. That’s so cool. Selfless service is important. πŸ™‚ So many people who have trouble walking come to my food pantry and they are already struggling financially. Isn’t that so tough? 😟

                      I would love to have my own herb garden with sage, lavender and others. Love the smell of fresh sage.

                      Potatoes taste better early on? I didn’t know that. Don’t know too much about mushrooms. But I have heard they have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The are one of the few foods that have Vitamin D. Did you know that?


                      Carly πŸ€—

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                    • Good mornging dear Carly

                      Yes, selfless service is really needed for a world like this in which so much imbalance (between poor and rich people) and corruption is present. For the church I have also cooked some special soups also for helping people in need. (I was a cook in a restaurant during my study to become a translator). I like to help too.

                      We have a big garden here but then you also have much work with it. Hoever, it is nice and to eat even vegtables from own garden. This first poetatoes in the year a absolutely tasty and delicious, but also very expensive. 1 kg is about 7 euro. I would not say that the first portatoe harvest is good in all countries, but there are especially in the nordic countries due to the long light during the summer days (24 hours day light) and this brings a really wonderful taste to the poetatoes. You don’t peel off even the potatoe peel but clean them from dirt and you eat it together with a lot of dill (also those herbs here are fantastic).

                      No I did not know that potatoes do have Vitamin D.

                      Wishing you a great weekend

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                    • That’s cool, Didi. πŸ™‚ I bet they really appreciated the soups that you cooked for them. I am not trying to brag on myself but rather shine on a light on how important serving the poor is. I worked at a soup kitchen as well and I can’t tell you how sometimes that’s the only food they get for the day. I know there are a lot of Americans who live on a low income and can’t always put food on the table, but imagine only having one meal a day at a soup kitchen? I can’t even imagine. 😦

                      Those potatoes sound delicious. I don’t even think about how the Nordic daylights would impact the potatoes. Do you like or get tired of all that daylight?

                      It’s actually mushrooms, not potatoes that have Vitamin D. πŸ™‚


                      Carly πŸ™‚

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                    • Yes, dear Carly there are so many poor and needy people in the world and when seeing this with a compassionate heart you cannot but just help and support them: they are all our brothers and sisters too. In India I saw so much poverty that you can only cry for it, it touches your heart very deeply.
                      I am happy that you also do selfless work to serve the needy and poor ones and in doing so you serve God, your country and your own soul with it (without any expectations or to be proud of it, but with the hands of your heart).

                      Thank you, dear Carly, I wish you further strength to share your time, attention and money with poor people – it is indeed a noble thing: Kabir said: “Give, give, give…”

                      From heart to heart

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                    • Yes, it is quiet tiring to be active during those long days and when there is even night time so much light that often it is difficult to fall asleep. So in summer you do not sleep much but in winter more…

                      Have a great day, dear Carly

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        • My dear friend Carly,
          – does it mean you felt not so good because of our last talk?
          Its not my intention at all to hurt you or anyone, dear friend – and if there was really
          something that caused an unpleasant feeling in you – try to find out why it is like that,
          go to the ground of this reason, in case that I have caused it (or that what you read shared by me for
          example about karma). Its always good to clear a situation. And in case I have nothing to do with it,
          then, dear Carly, also then try to find out why… – it will help you to come clear with yourself.
          I send you good wishes from my heart and hope you feel much better meanwhile.
          From heart to heart

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