Blind vanity


A narcissist in front of the mirror
Only sees himself/herself
Is blindfolded with blindness
Has vanity in his/her blood
Can not see others
Unable even to listen
Knows everything better
For his/her goal
To “taste” himself/herself
He/she climbs over dead bodies
Is rather destructive
Than constructive
Always listens to the applause
Of his/her fellow men
In his/her imagination

A horror if such a person
Becomes a leader of the society…

However, if so
Than he/she will stumble
Over his/her own shadow and mirror…

The time is ticking…

DidiArtist, 02.06.2017


28 comments on “Blind vanity

    • Thank, dear Pharaoh, for you comment – within the mind there are good and bad forces and there is always a battle going on – sometimes the demons have the upper hand…

      All the best my friend

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  1. A person who can see only himself/herself and that too without knowing his/her self is a person having color-blindness of ego and destructive negative Warm regards.

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  2. Didi is absolutely beautifully written and insightfully true. It is so very powerful, so much imagery projected.
    Vanity-Ego and pride together is toxic, a cross contamination of negative energies with only one motives is an attempt to destroy and conquer.

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