Extreme words


You are nothing but…
You only…
The whole time you are…
All the time you…
You always…
Every time you…
You never ever…

When using these phrases
We are simply unjust
Our intention is: to hurt…
Therefore we generalize
On the surface of communication
Forget the reality
Move on thin ice

There is poison
In these words…
Fired arrows
With a barbed hook…

We become with what we are hit…

DidiArtist, 02.06.2018




13 comments on “Extreme words

    • In our mind there is sometimes black poison, we want to hurt people out of anger and then we start to generalize, then we use words like…you always, you only… but this is really unfair as it is not the truth. I think we all were sometimes involved in such wording games, however, we should become aware of what we say, even of what we think, to prevent prejudices, accusations, injustice, and violence (also words can hurt us a lot).
      Thank you, my friend, and have a great Sunday πŸ™‚

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