Why we compare us with others?
Why we exclude and include?
Why we need witnesses
To our critical voices?

To feed our ego
In confirmations
With dark voices
To play the game
Of worse and better

A heart that really wishes improvement
Is able to listen between 4 ears
Has no need to flock together
To stone a situation, an absent person

Searching for confirmation
To justify ones own criticism
It is the deep fear
It could be true
What was said between 4 ears…

Why we need negativity?
In our thoughts, words and actions
Because we want to make us positive?
Hidden in supporting voices we need so badly?…

Are we really such good persons???
What we really need?
A bit more respect, a bit more humility
Really, a “bit more” love and understanding…

DidiArtist, 16.12.2011


19 comments on “Judged

    • Dear Ragazza,

      Yes, this is one possibilities, beside many other reasons – one could also be just the opposite: we make us higher and better and the other smaller and worse than we are – depending on our motives we have behind and how our character is woven.
      Thank you so much dear friend
      Have a good time


        • …and how we see us in others, to which extent the meaning of others control our meaning – we should in this respect become more independent and respect others as they are as everyone is responsible for him- or herself without any comparation. And when it comes to mistakes: I think each of us has so many that we should not look to the mistakes of others but should try to weed out our own mistakes.

          Thank you very much, my friend – I fully appreciate your comment πŸ™‚
          Have a good time


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