A world of peace and love



My heart paints a world
Free from fear and sorrow
Where weapons are buried
Freedom is among
People and peoples

My heart paints a world
Free from poverty and money
Where all is shared
Fairly distributed
Humanity reigns

My heart paints a world
Free from hate and anger
Where love and peace is present
Support and help alive
Unconditionally in man

My heart paints a world
Free from ego, selfishness
Where we as brothers, sisters
In harmony and oneness
Make our world a paradise

My heart paints a world
A meadow of beauty, happiness
Where differences are respected
Uniqueness accepted
Unfolding blossoms of love

DidiArtist, 22.01.2020


21 comments on “A world of peace and love

    • Thank you, dear Yonnie πŸ™‚

      Now I make a short cruise with a big ship from Helsinki to Stockholm and have some exploration ins Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

      So for the next 2-3 days I am not present in my blog πŸ™‚

      All the best my friend and much love and light to you πŸ™‚


    • Dear friend,

      I see that there is a need for a major change for all kind of people no matter which nation or religion they belong too – according to Gandhi: “Be the change, if you to change the world” – means, we all should feel concerned as the world is right now: full of violence, hate, power, selfishness, ego, greed, corruption, exploitation etc. Therefore, we have to get to know ourselves (we usually claim that we know at least ourselves – but this is surely not the case – if we would know us, we would know all our shortcoming, our acting and posing, where we lie and be dishonest, where waves of the lust overroll us etc. – then we would start to change ourselves first of all. This is a process of consciousness – and the more people start to understand themselves according to: “Man know thyself”, the bigger the hope that this what I expressed with my poem, a dream, how our world could be, would possibly come true…
      Thank you, dear friend and have a great time πŸ™‚


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