Impressions of Kirpal Sagar (part 2)

My dear friends, I had a good arrival to India, Kirpal Sagar, Ocean of Grace, a place full of harmony and under an atmosphere of high vibration – what a beautiful place to dive into love and peace. Now I would like to share with you some more photos of this place of Unity and Oneness for man and mankind:

Enjoy and have a good time πŸ™‚

With love and warm regards to all of you.






22 comments on “Impressions of Kirpal Sagar (part 2)

    • Thank you very much dear Amira πŸ™‚
      we have started to paint the fense around the Samadi of Dr. Harbhajan Singh und his wife Biji Surinder Kaur – sending you the perfume and colour of this holy place to you, dear friend.
      All what is good for your soul

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    • Yes, dear friend, when you would know the whole story how Kirpal Sagar came into being – it is really a fantastic story and shows the competence of a true Master. By the way in Amritsar there is also one Centre of Unity of Man and Kirpal Sagar is about 2 1/2 hours away from Amritsar by car. Maybe some day we could go together, if you are interested in. I am going to Kirpal Sagar in Oktober or November this year again, so God will.

      I have been to Amritsar too sometimes and also visited the Golden Temple there, which was founded by Guru Ram Das.

      In the next 3 days I am on a short cruise tour by a big ship to Sweden – so will not be active in my blog.

      Much love and light to you πŸ™‚

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