Love does not differentiate


Understanding is not just understanding
Our understanding depends on
Our viewing angle, knowledge and background

Each understanding is a different understanding
Nevertheless, we should build bridges between us
Bridges of love and understanding

For love knows no difference…

DidiArtist, 31.10.2016

33 comments on “Love does not differentiate

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    • Thank you very much, my friend πŸ™‚
      Here we still have a lot of snow and winter will at least continue for another months – so my wife and I are going to make some walks in the nature.
      All the best my friend

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        • Yes, I can imagine, dear Chuck, since I travelled myself to California and made a roundtrip over 3 States in 3 weeks, driving 5500 km by car. I like much sun too, however, I also like the winter, a real winter with dry cold not wet cold (wet cold penetrates your clothes and you easily start to freel cold) – but here, in Finland the winter is very long, starting not seldom from October till beginning of May in the South of Finland – in the North of Finland spring usually comes in June. During this long winter we often escape to the warmer and suny regions: going to the Caranien Islands for example to tank some vitamine D and sunshine as well.

          My wife and I make a short cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm as it will be her birthday – so we are going to celebrate her anniversary in Stockholm and on a big ship.

          Automatic posts is secured for this time.

          All the best, my frfiend πŸ™‚


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