14 comments on “Attacking others – quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

    • Dear friend,

      When I was young I read all his books, even in the original language. I also read those books which were only available in major libraries (you could read them only there) – those fragments of him. So I used to be a great follower of him and studied philosophy as well.

      Now, have a look in “Thus spoke Zarathustra – under “The friend” Chapter 14, – there you can read: “And often we attack and make ourselves enemies, to conceal that we are vulnerable.” – In fact, the word “vulnerable” is wrongly translateted – the original word is in German: “angreifbar” and refers to the preceding word “attack = angreifen” (in German) – Nietzsche liked wording games too – so the word vulnerable is really wrongly translated here (By the way, I am a retired translator in German English) and the proper translation of this German word “angreifbar” should be “attackable” – so I shortened this quote by Nietzsche to: “They attack to hide (or conceal) that they are attackable…” without losing the sense of it.

      And on the other hand: It is not possible for us to remember all quotes and words a famous person has written in all his books. So it is ok when you do not remember it (also due to the wrong translation). There is another famous quote by him, perhaps you remember this: “They vomit their bile and call it newspaper…”

      Thank you, dear friend
      All the best

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