12 comments on “Thinking of death

  1. Whence we think of most predictable things
    One of the most unpredictable thing about death
    About the date, time and when
    It has to visit us askance
    Now, or any other day
    Thence why all the hurry and worry
    About yesterday or tomorrow
    when present is there with us to enjoy
    the bounties of our God
    the most benevolent One.


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    • Thank you dear Harbans πŸ™‚

      As students of life we also have to passed tests to enter into higher regions, in this consciousness we have to make our homework to reach this goal – going Home some day with the grace of God. If we do not care of it, do not do our lessons and homework – will not pass the test. So we have to live in the presence but at the same time “know” our goal. For this it is necessary to know ourselves, in order to know our Self. All lessons must be done to clean our mind and heart – we have to live with the qualities of God: “Be good, do good and be one” – in doing so – we open the page of the mystery of life and death and learn what is death, when rising above the body consciousness, the same what happens at the time of death, when we have to leave the body – it means: we already know what will happen at the time of death, where we have to go, what we have to do etc… the spiritual knowledge will help us to know ourselves, our Selves and we will see our own face in the quiet water of life…
      Thank you my friend πŸ™‚

      Now I am back from Kirpal Sagar, back in my country Finland. It was a long journey back – about 30 hours.

      From heart to heart

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      • Affirmative sir, we have to enter higher regions and we have to work hard for a forward movement in fact with the grace of God. In fact our goal has to be defined and worked for it. Here the quality of our effort is important for rising above the consciousness. The β€˜death’ and its meaning vis-Γ -vis ourselves need to be known first.

        Whatever was added during your visit here is really wonderful for our knowledge. Your journey could have be productive although tiring.



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