The purpose of meditation



Blessed are those who meditate for the love of God.

Nowadays, meditation is done like breakfast is taken. Some people meditate to fulfill their wishes, some meditate for peace of mind. Some people meditate to gain riches in the world, name, and fame. Some people do it only for the building of the body, to get rid of the diseases. Some people make a show of their meditation, there are mesmerism, spiritism, spiritualism, there are hundreds of branches out of it and they have nothing to do with spirituality, on the contrary, they are dangerous traps for the soul. Some meditate to acquire supernatural powers, some meditate to influence others, and some people meditate for salvation. With these aims, however, one stays on the level of mind and cannot reach the plane of consciousness. There are thousand ways of meditation, which will not take us anywhere.

Better not to meditate than to meditate in the wrong way

To meditate only with the help of mind, to meditate to fulfill wishes, is a death trap for the soul. The astral plane is fully controlled by the negative power and is open for everybody. The experiences given by the self-styled “masters” are merely astral experiences. If you want to go to the astral plane, you do not even need a master, because the mind itself will take you there. In any way you will come there into the clutch of the negative power, you will lose your free will, your consciousness, and discrimination power, and you will be further bound in the net of transmigration.

So it is of great importance to find out what is that meditation, which will transcend us above the body consciousness and take us back to home eternal. Which is that meditation, which provides us the Water of Life and Bread of Life?

The subject meditation is directly connected with the purpose of human life, the development of the consciousness – the soul or spirit in man. The highest aim of life is self-realization and God-realization. But who meditates out of yearning and love for God?

To meditate without competent guidance, to perform yoga practices and to go into the chakras and use the Kundalini-power means to get lost in the astral and causal plane

Those who stress at the place between and behind the eyebrows and try to meditate by themselves, or practice various yogas, go into the chakras and enter into the astral plane. The chakras are controlled by astral forces that reveal themselves as gods and goddesses or angles. They are not conscious and of no help to man since they do not know the Father. They are of no use. They can only fulfil your wishes.

Many people go down into the body, their Kundalini-power opens and, coming from the spine, it rises from behind to the top of the head. The light and sound one experiences there is negative, it has nothing to do with the experience given by a competent Master.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh


7 comments on “The purpose of meditation

    • Dear Leon,

      Thank you very much, dear friend.
      I know when placing such explosisve content on my site many people would not agree to it and still continue to follow their old habits, convinced they are doing the right thing. If we do not have that overall look about the inner worlds and when we have nice and beautiful experiences then it is utomost difficult to differentiate as we do not know the truth behind it. Only with the help of a competent Master it is possible to open the third eye, shiv netra, singel eye (which has many different names) – those competent Master give a first-hand experience that their disciple is able to rise above the body consciousness. The God-power is working through them and they are the mouthpiece of God (the aboslute God) cannot been seen nor be experienced, but He expresses Himself through His messengers and reminds mankind (in different religions and times) of this old universal teaching taught by all competent Masters. Millions and millions of peopel fall into the trap of the negative power and when they have landed on the astral so-called heaven, they think they have reached their aim, but forget even God there and continue to be in the fine shackles , in the clutches of the negative power. They have to enter the wheel of life agan and again and again in this form or that form.

      If you are interested, dear friend Leon, I can send some links containing books written by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. which you can read online (pdf-format).

      I am happy for your answer 🙂

      In thankfulness

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      • I thank You, Didi.

        Yes, my friend. Such content does sometimes detonate illusions, gentle removal though the aim may be. We must remember that agreement and disagreement are temporary, and that exactly because we have all wandered off and know the pain of seeming separation, we sooner or later unconditionally embrace those who have nudged us Home.

        Home, yes; this what my soul feels with your beloved Master through you my friend. I have already felt in my core many blessed writings thanks to the [Unity of Man website], and I would be happy to receive any further links you would like to share with me.

        I am just as happy myself, dearest Didi.
        In gratitude to God for our connection,

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        • Thank you very much, dear Leon 🙂
          Your thanks I pass forward to my Master 🙂

          In the next few days I am going to send to you a link and search for a book that is best for you to start with.

          From heart to heart, my dear friend 🙂

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        • My dear friend Leon,

          Again, thank you very much for your positive attitude and kind words 🙂

          As promised I herewith send a link to read a book by Sant Kirpal Singh: “The wheel of life. The law of action and reaction” – it is about karma, but definately you will get to know another perspective of this subject that is widely spread all over the world – this time you will get to know that karma consists of 3 different types of karma. But read yourself, my friend 🙂

          Click to access KirpalSingh_WheelofLife.pdf

          When you have finished this book and you have more appetite to read about different subjects of spirituality, then I can provide you more highly interested books written by my Master.

          Wishing you a great time, dear Leon

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  1. I am so grateful that I serve the God who doesn’t wait for us to work our way (try our way, fast our way, or meditate our way) to Him. By ourselves, we are helpless to take the first step. But God sent His Son to be our salvation, taking our weakness and wickedness onto Himself and nailing to the Cross, so we could be free from sin – free from our old selves. The only meditation that will help us is that which focuses on Him and draws us closer to Him. (And even with that, I need His help!) Everything else is distraction.

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