Our giving “likes”


Do we give a like
To get a like?

Do we give a like
With unsure feelings?

Do we give a like
With fast fingers?

Do we give a like
Because of sympathy?

Do we give a like
To bloggers preferred?

Do we give a like
To be liked?

Do we give a like
Because of true feelings?

To give a like in honesty
Without pretending?

Whatever motives – of any kind
To find the reason there behind
To make us just aware
Did we play or were we fair…

DidiArtist, 17.07.2017


37 comments on “Our giving “likes”

  1. Sir, those who give like for the sake of likes to please others know fully well that their likes are disliked by their own ‘self’. A like is a like when it is in sync with our heat and mind. WARM REMARDS

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  2. Very nicely put forward for bloggers. With me you know Didi I do not just randomly go and put my hand on like button. I like to comment when people take so much care to write their thoughts but I many a times find many bloggers not commenting at all but simply liking what we do and have seen that we will comment but they do not comment on our blog. I have many a times told bloggers that if we comment why don’t you too do that but some of them do not want to.

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  3. Very interesting! I guess it’s a way to show that you admire someone’s work but also a way to show that you recognize that they are here & all the work they are doing πŸ’ž

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    • Thank you dear Ash πŸ™‚

      This poem is indeed a bit provocative, testing our own motives we have to give a like and testing as well our honesty towards ourselves and others. The questions remains: do we give a like out of sympathy, or out of balancing our give and take, or because we really like it, we really enjoy it, read it to the end and so forth – so all requires our honesty in it – if we know why we give a like – it is a start to find ourselves…

      Again thank you, my friend and have a relaxing time πŸ™‚


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