4 comments on “Quote: “God-power manifested” by Kabir

  1. Yes, God is us and we are in him/her. And that means ALL of us, regardless of our culture, our races, our languages, our belief systems, etc. God put us all here on this earth for a purpose, or purposes, and we clearly are not all seeking them. We need to see all people and all creatures, and all of nature as sacred, for it is that.

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    • Thank you, dear Anne, for your constructive and positive contribution 🙂
      Indeed, we are in God and God is in us – but we are like a fish in the water searching for the water…
      we are all ONE, in HIM
      A great time to you, dear friend

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    • Thanks, dear Tanvir 🙂
      Kabir was also called: The father of spirituality, as through his suffering done by a cruel king in those times, he was able to plant some understanding and compassion into the hearts of the people.
      Have a great time, dear friend

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