16 comments on “Self-Forgiving

  1. I actually really agree with this.
    Have you ever listened to Louise Hay?
    One of the things she said in the youtube audio I was listening to was to think of the person you find hardest to forgive, and my natural thought was, the person I can’t forgive it myself. Yet it’s the most important πŸ™‚
    Love, light and glitter

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    • No, dear Eliza, I do not know Louise Hay. Yes, to balance ourselves it is also important that we can forgive ourselves as well. Whatever we did, also wrong-doings, when we repent it deeply from our heart then we also have to go forward that we have learnt from our mistakes in order not to repeat them, forgive ourselves and overcome it allowing us to put our attention to the here and now.

      Have a great time, my dear friend
      Love and light

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  2. So true, at times each of us can tend to be less forgiving towards self. The importance of self love is vital. It makes forgiving self and others more reasonable. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜Š

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    • Thank you very much, my dear friend Amira .)

      yes, I see this self-love under the umbrella of loving God first – when we love God first, then we are naturally included and all others as well. However, if we love us first, then there is also the great danger of separation at the time of loving us first – then we separate instead of loving all at the same time, furthermore: this love may become even a kind of ego-love – so when we God love first, all love is included.

      Thank you very much for your valuable contribution, my friend πŸ™‚
      In Oneness

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      • There seems to be some misconception in the previous comment.

        Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Matthew 22:38
        This love of self is one of humility, not of one in an egotistical mindset.
        An egotistical mindset individual only cares for the things which gratify themselves.

        The two great commandments that contain the whole law of God are: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole strength;

        Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Matthew 22:38

        If someone says, β€œI love God,” but hates a fellow believer, that person is a liar; for if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? (1 John 4:20)
        And he has given us this command: Those who love God must also love their fellow believers (1 John 4:21)
        Love and PeaceπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜Š

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        • Dear Yonnie,

          Thank you πŸ™‚
          Also my Master quoted most of those famous quotes you mention in you comment – loving God is utmost important, without loving God we are unable to love our neighbour (maybe only few but not all – but if one is excluded from this love – then we are indeed a lier). So loving God includes us too, because otherwise we would be a lier again.
          That is why I wrote to love God first – as God is living in every heart – we love then everyone (with all our heart, soul, and strength).
          Thank you, my dear friend Yonnie :)πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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