The five cardinal virtues of spirituality – by Sant Kirpal Singh


An excerpt from the book: “Crown of life” – written by Sant Kirpal Singh


To cultivate and develop the five cardinal virtues which constitute the bedrock of spirituality.

These are:
1. Ahimsa or Non-injury to all living creatures, and more so to fellow beings, by thoughts, words and deeds the injunction in this behalf being: Injure not a human heart for it is the seat of God. We must have respect for others feelings and tolerance for others opinions.

2. Satayam or Truthfulness: As God is Truth, we must practice Truth in all our dealings. If Truth resides in every heart, it must manifest itself in life and action. Be true to thyself and it must follow as night the day, thou canst not be false to any man. We must therefore avoid falsehood at all costs. It includes, besides downright lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty, suppresso veri [suppression of truth], and suggestio falsi [suggestions of false ideas].

3. Brahmcharya or life of Chastity: It includes continence in thoughts, words and deed-houghts within, for Chastity is life and sexuality is death. If we want to tread the Path of Life Eternal, we must be chaste and clean both within and without.

4. Prem or love for all living creatures and more so for all human beings. Let there be hatred for none. The entire manifestation is the handiwork of God and must therefore be loved and respected. He who does not know love, cannot know God.

5. Nishkam Seva or Selfless Service to all living creatures in sorrow and distress. If one limb of the body is in torture, the other limbs can have no rest. Service before self should therefore be our motto in life.





12 comments on “The five cardinal virtues of spirituality – by Sant Kirpal Singh

    • Ahimsa is closly connected to the Law of Karma. So whatever we think, speak, and do has a reaction: in a positive or negative way – so each kind of hurting to a living being (in which there is God’s life-impulse) has a karmic reaction: golden chains or iron chains – both are chains… We can also protect us from mosquitos and need not to kill them necessarily. If you are interested, then I recommend to read:

      Click to access WHEEL_of_Life_engl_2019.pdf

      It is a book written by Sant Kirpal Singh with the titel: “The wheel of life”

      It also gives a solution how to come out of the “golden and irion chains” .

      All the best, my friend πŸ™‚

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      • Thanks yes I understand, harm none but its debate-able , by trying to avoid harm to some insects it can cause harm by wasting your time which could be used productively to help in a far greater way. We have to account for our status as human beings and at the same time take care to cultivate too.

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