Empty Phrases



There are often worlds between words and deeds.
Yesterday still lifted into the sky
Today the cloak of friendship thrown off
With feelings in the wind escaped

Words that sounded credibly faded away
Broken into pieces, lost their validity
On the parquet of unsteadiness
Turning away from friendliness, kindness

Those flattering words echo in the memory
Sounds from afar of moments past
Leaving stars burnt out
Empty phrases, words without content

Shall we believe in flattering words?
Those that turn in the wind?
Lose their content, are forgotten easily?
Those which praised us yesterday and curse us today?

Man promises much and says a lot
Within the turning of his kaleidoscopic feelings
To change his credibility in the wheel of time
Dissolved into punishing silence

Only the language of the heart remains constant
That of the mind is subject to change…

A leaf in the wind…

DidiArtist, 30.03.2019



12 comments on “Empty Phrases

  1. I agree with you, dear Amira – the only way to handle such a loss is to forgive and have good thoughts for the friend, who left us, without any blame – as we are all in the iron grip of our mind (which is subject to a permanent change) .

    Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts with me πŸ™‚
    All the best my friend

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  2. One of the hardest things is to cope through a betrayal, or discover a friendship was false all along… it’s heart breaking! There is a time when we discover who our true friends really are… all we can do is forgive, forgive and forgive…
    Thank you Didi for this poem! ❀

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