5 comments on “Quote by Maulana Rumi

    • We are inundated with the fear of our mind, which does not understand which inner music will take us home.

      Maulana, Nanak, Kabir, Baba Jamail Singh, Baba Sawan Sing, Guru Gobind Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh, Christ and many more were able to listen to this inner symphony, music of the spheres – and not only the inner sound, but also the inner light, from which Christ speaks: “If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light”?” – it is the entrance door, the 10th door, the third eye, or single eye or in other words from different religions and places: shiv netra, divya chakshu, tisra til, brahmrendra, triambka, trilochana nukta-i-sweda, koh-i-toor, figuratively called the still point, the mount of transfiguration, etc. Once we can hear this divine Sound and see the inner light – our way home is not far anymore.

      Thank you very much, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
      From heart to heart


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