12 comments on “Quote: Surrender to God – by Sant Kirpal Singh

    • Dear Hayley,

      When our spiritual “muscles” are growing and trained we start to understand things from a different point of view – you can compare it with a sportsman: in the beginning he/she does not feel so good, muscles are aching, success is still far away, but when they are disciplined in doing their exercises then they get stronger and stronger, better and better – you can also say: Rome wasnt built in a day – so everything takes some time to develop and so does spirituality too. The more we become aware of ourselves the more we sharpen our spiritual understanding – then,, not only by book-reading but by practising certain lessons, we have learnt maybe even every day: for example we get always angry in certain situations – then we analyse us and try to understand our own mind – when we have understood what motives it has caused to be angry then we can weed out the cause of it like weed (because we discovered that our pride was hurt… as an example) – the more we develop in our spiritual progress the more we open our eyes which were closed before and slowly we become aware of the competence of the Master-power, Guru-power, God-power, Christ-power (all the same) – then we reach a point to surrender and we get more and more humble. An egoist would say: I come first and a humble person would say – I come last…

      Hope this explanation could help you – just ask if you have more questions, dear friend.

      All the best

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  1. Thanks so much for your in depth explanation Didi, I really appreciate it.

    That’s a really interesting concept, although slightly different to my interpretation.
    Respectfully, here is my view on surrender:

    We surrender to God first and then we develop spiritually. When we surrender and humble ourselves before God, He is then able to work in our lives and transform our hearts.

    Thanks so much for your time Didi.
    You are extremely kind and generous & I’m happy to have met you on here.

    Hayley 😊

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    • Thank you very much for your sharing your thoughts about surrender to God .

      Indeed, God is giving and feeding us as much we understand, then He rises us more and more.

      Thank you very much, dear Hayley – I am happy that there are many good people out there. My Master said: A spiritual revolution will come into the world and it will spread like wild fire – no force is then able to extinuish it…

      We are now on the bridge between the Iron Age and the Golden Age – this process will be finished by 2089 – in the Golden Age the truth will come on the table and the wheat from the chaff will then be separated…

      Sunshine in your heart

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      • Thanks for the info Didi, I appreciate it. I’m unsure whether or not dates can ever be predicted because I believe that only God knows the future but I accept your philosophy respectfully, as always Didi. 😊

        Jesus speaks about separating the wheat from the chaff in the bible too. πŸ‘

        Love & blessings,
        Hayley 😊

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    • Some more thoughts to answer your views on surrendering to God – dear Hayley – which have my full respect and appreciation.

      In the beginning we believe in God and surrender to a certain extent – thats true, but we do not have enough depth to understand the working of God. When we develop us in the field of spirituality (Man know thyself), the more we are able to understand – to see the beauty of how God is working and is pulling the strings as He is the Doer, then step by step he opens the door of His Glory. Our ego for example is thinking that it is the doer – Once I wrote a poem for this subject: “The shadow thinks it is moving but it is the light that moves the shadow…) – we are the puppets on the string and God is the puppet Master – this we can see when our will becomes His will, means, when our will is embedded in the will of God – then we are His tools, His mouthpieces etc. In this process of development, of realizing our own Self, through analysing our mind in all its actions and doings and entire facets – all our doubts will fade away and we are conscioiusly and humbly able to surrender to God in full when seeing and understanding His competence to a certain extent. The more we dig in ouselves to find our Self – the more we also lose the appearance of the world and find the light in us (from which Jesus Christ, Kabir, Rumi, Tabrez, Hafiz, Baba Jaimal Singh, Baba Sawan Singh, Guru Nannak, Sant Kirpal Singh and all the other competent Masters spoke of – and hear also the inner divine Sound)

      Thank you, dear friend, for your profound comment.

      Have a good time

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