47 comments on “Mind and jungle

  1. Didi, Really loved your piece! Great topic and loved the artwork. So, question? Maybe just a little nudge for You for the next Mind piece, what happens when someone gets Alzheimer’s? Would that be depicted like clear cutting or a fire? Don’t mind me, just a silly inner child thought!

    Wonderful work!!!

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    • Thanks, dear friend that you like my work πŸ™‚

      Yes, the questions remains, if someone has Alzheimer or lies in koma or whose brain is already “dead” – what the consequences would be to the mind – Losing the complete memory is really fatal and with the shrinking memory also the mind seems to shrink as well – but this of course is not the general case for the mind. However, I will think this over for while and perhaps I am going to write about this special subject too.

      Anyway, dear friend, thank you very much for your profound comment, words and thoughts.

      Have a nice Sunday


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