Quote: “Love unites” – by Sant Kirpal Singh





“When you strike a sword anywhere

that will cut any thing into two.

But the sword of love is one

which, when struck, it makes two into one;

it unifies. This unification is the ultimate result of Love.”



For more information on the teaching of Sant Kirpal Singh, I would like to refer you here:





15 comments on “Quote: “Love unites” – by Sant Kirpal Singh

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  2. No worry, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
    All is fine as it is and I do not messure you as a woman or a man, beyond the outer lable we all are somthing else and wear a dress of light and love which has no gender.
    Greetings from my heart to yours

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  3. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with these words of inspiration and wisdom, Didi. Yes we are all in the making, by Him who knows us in his minutest detail. Didi a small correction, I am a Woman as I am not Hindu but a Zoroastrian and many have made these mistakes and it is completely k pl. do not feel bad my dear friend.

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  4. Indeed, dear Kamal and when God, who always has His ear at our heart knows that we are seriously want to give up our ego and mind, He will surely support us with His grace. Without His grace it is not possible to overcome this thousand headed hydra with thousands of tentacles which we call mind. The more we discover those sublime things in us, how our mind is playing, functioning, the more we are able to understand it and to “act” accordingly with care, not to become a victiom of it again and again in so many different ways. This is something that makes our consciousness grow and let us avoid the millions of tricks with which our mind tries to attach us, to convince us, to cheat us – we only need to see in how many situations we we do not think really of the consequence or the fruit of our doings, thoughts and words, which we let pass into the world without thinking and caring. So we all are in the making, not become more, but become less and less and when we are empty – then He can come and sit in us.

    I am thankful for your words and presence my dear friend 🙂
    In Oneness

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  5. Yes absolutely true my dear friend and one has to take an immense effort to empty ourselves of this ego that is stuck from ages like a glue. Love that is surely unlimited, timeless and blissful which is the state of God.

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  6. Thanks, my dear friend Tanvir 🙂
    When we can empty us from ourselves (I and ego – which only results in duality, separation and limitations) we can enter our Selves that is Oneness and love unlimited, timeless to become aware that this higher Self in us – is God…

    Be warmly greeted my friend

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