I am an Alien



I live among people
Who hate each other, go to war
Where blind rage draws faces
Laws degenerate: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
Where people chase each other
To blame each other

I live on a planet
On which power, tyranny, egoism, money-greed rules
Where weapons and sharp words speak
Masses pour out in anger
Suppression is on the agenda
Man himself is next

I live in a boat called humanity
That staggers on the ocean violence
Where holes are chiselled in the planks
Threatening to sink the boat
Where stubbornness screams to the skies

Really, I live in this world
But I am not from this world

My heart belongs to the One
Where love is my home…

DidiArtist, 04.01.2020


13 comments on “I am an Alien

  1. Yes for sure each and everyone will be going on the same journey but when they are completing their journey depends on their impressions. Welcome and thank you for your remarkable comments. Love and light to you dear friend.

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  2. Thanks, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
    In this boat there are all kind of different people with different backgrounds, different shade and grade of understanding, different experiences – different levels and lessions of life – no step on the path of consciousness can be omitted, each step must be done – so in this boat millions and millions of different worlds clash against each other, are not able to see and live “Oneness” – but everyone will get his or her time when the fruit is ripe…

    Thank you very much, my friend 🙂
    Hugs and love


  3. A perfect picture for your lovely and profound words, Didi. Why not go in this boat where we all can sail in Oneness that is our true nature. Man who knows where he is going and is getting lost in this illusion of life. Too good.

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  4. Thank you very much, my dear friend Amira. Your comment is precious and meets with my full agreement. If you give technology to someone who is not yet ready for it – he will abuse it, for sure and this is the case with our mankind. Technologically we have achieved amazing things, but also death-frightening things, whereas our inner development, spirituality, is hardly advanced and rather stunted. Man should rise above hinderances that prevent him from being one with the One. And we can see that our whole system is based on egoism, on “better” and “higher”, in a compting system to reach a goal ruthlessly and selfishly. All values of the society are in function after this system and values like love and respect for everyone and every creature, togetherness, oneness, is opressed drastically. Man really needs new values for the society to survive… otherwise the boat will sink…

    Thank you one more time, dear friend 🙂
    In Oneness

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  5. Yes, our dear planet Earth is a “space ship” traveling through space… and allowing us to live in her being…. our ship, humanity’s ship… when we look at the state of our world it really is silly to think we can do anything to the environment without having consequences that affect us all!
    It really is like sinking our own boat!!!!
    Polluting the air and water until nobody can drink or breathe anymore, and killing all life forms including one another…
    You are right dear friend, you are one of the few “aliens” on Earth’s ship who are awake to see… Let us hope that more people wake up into the higher consciousness of Oneness and begin to treat each other and our mother planet, and all the animals with love , respect, and gratitude….
    Beautiful graphics as well! Peace and much love to you dear friend,
    in Oneness,
    Amira ❤ ❤ ❤

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