16 comments on “Abyss of the moment

    • It depends, dear friend, what kind of fork in the road it is. Whatever direction we choose on our way, it all comes with a reaction. It also depends on our motives why we go this way and not the other way. So selfish and unselfish motives also have a reaction, they can brng us forward on our spiritual path, they can stagnate and even and they can even be a setback regarding our development. So each decision requires our careful and full attention, to be aware of the consequences of our way we have taken. In this decision making there is consciousness. We can also say: what we sow, we have to ripe. Each path goes along with thoughts, words, deeds – it bears fruit, positive or negative according to its content.

      The sense in my aphorism is that past and future are not real moments, the real moment, the moment of living life, is now, although the past is the stair to this living moment, while the moment is the building stair for the future.
      What we all only have, is this very moment.

      Thank you very much, my dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a happy time

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