10 comments on “Learn From Mistakes

    • Dear friend,

      There is a huge difference if we learn from own mistakes or the mistakes from others as experiences made by ourselves, we can feel them, they touch us directly. while when hearing of mistakes other have commited, we may think them over but not with the same result, as they did not touch us directly. When we suffer, this pain goes deep into us, it makes us think of it, and it gives us certain colour of consciousness. This is also meant for mankind. Do you remember the big Tsunami in 2004? – people had deep compassion for even people they did not know and donated a lot of mony – because they knew how it feels when one looses everything, when one has lost dear ones – then for a while mankind was compassionate, they were one for a while. We never know how it is when we lose a family member, a good friend – when we have not felt the pain of separation. If a foreign person dies, you may have some certain feelings, but it is not the same as if one you really know who has left the body. So when we commit mistakes and we can directly feel the ripples of our own wrong doings, this concerns us deeply and we learn from this hard lesson. Wisdom comes through self-expierence and often the only way is though pain and suffering to break hard walls of our own ego. If we are fine – do we think the same way as if we suffer. No, then we even forget God. We usually pray to God only when we are in a miserable condition. This is the bitter medicine we all have to take, but it is also medicine that helps us to understand. I hope that I could explain it good enough to bring light to this subject, dear friend.

      Thank you very much for your important support, dear friend 🙂
      All that is good for you 🙂

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