Proudly Parroted



7 comments on “Proudly Parroted

  1. Thank you, dear Harbans – this kind of “copying or parroting” I would not even consider as parroting when we live according to the teaching of the competent Masters – their Words are loaded with energy of love – what I meant in my aphorism: are not loaded words, are simply simple words which man likes to repeat himself – because they are in fashion, then they make the round…

    These positive words are pregnant and allow us to bear fruit and share them with others, without doubts. But the other words, which are meaningless only show how quickly we tend to adopt words from other and pass them forward to others like an infection…

    Anyway, I am thankful for your mentioning the positive side of phrases and words which may have a considerable impact on our lives when following them accordingly.

    Thank you my friend and have a peaceful Sunday with your family

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  2. Even parroted words and phrases taken from others life experience if utilized in daily lives can transform the one who has taken those ‘words and phrases’. I am of the view we have to learn from each others experiences and practices. Everything exists here here and we have to explore and emulate. THANKS AND REGARDDS

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