Mountains and shortcomings



When approaching mountains
They appear bigger
When coming closer towards our own shortcomings
They also appear like mountains…

There are many mountains in us
We do not see yet
Approaching ourselves
Will bring them to light

Process of becoming conscious…

DidiArtist, 12.05.2017


20 comments on “Mountains and shortcomings

  1. Yes sir, we have to see that the mountains of troubles are in front of us, we have to make endeavour to find ways to surmount them through our efforts. Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem.


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  2. Thought-provoking as always. There are mountains in all our lives, you can try to walk around them, but another mountain usually meets you.

    The sooner you climb the mountain, the more rapidly you will grow into the person you were destiny to be. Mountains are not meant to stop us, but help us grow.


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