Not for free



We cannot buy consciousness
It is a hard trip
Through scars and pain
Discipline and reflections

We do not wake up some day
Find us suddenly equipped
With higher consciousness
For this – hardship is necessary

But we people may think
In our laziness and fast-food mentality
We need not to lift a finger
Everything is done automatically

Consciousness, digested experiences
Is a process of development
Wait and see will not bring us forward
Needs care no stillstand…

…is seizing responsibility…

DidiArtist, 28.01.2017


25 comments on “Not for free

  1. Thanks sharing wisdom filled lines

    A thing of beauty is got
    Through toil and tribulation
    As 22 crates of god acquired
    After heating it at higher temperature
    To remove every shred of impurities.

    What we get easily
    Goes just easily
    Higher consciousness is acquired
    By sincere and honest efforts
    Leaving nothing to chance
    For that change will dawn
    When our sweat gives sweet rewards
    Of Higher Consciousness.

    With warm regards


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  2. Dear Harbans,

    Higher consciousness is indeed a hardship to go through, to experience rainshowers and sunlight, to follow the foot prints of the competent Masters, to obey their words, develop devotion and love for them, to do and live for others, to share with others, to practice God’s universal teaching as stated in the Holy scriptures – in doing so we are able to live with the higher values of life, to put them into practice into our daily life – once we live with the higher values of life then we will discover the hidden values of life. But no step may be omitted, all this has to be lived through.

    Thank you very much, my friend πŸ™‚

    From heart to heart


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    • Indeed, dear Ash and there are really many thing that cannot be bought by money: love, devotion, receptivity, spirituality, inner strength, consciousness, compassion etc.

      Thanks, my dear friend and have a great time
      Hugs and love

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