Positivity and Negativity



Positivity: Implosion
Negativity: Explosion

Positivity: Way from many to One
Negativity: Way from one to many

Positivity: Unity
Negativity: Separation

Positivity: Unconditional love
Negativity: Conditioned “love”

Positivity: Consciousness, light
Negativity: Ignorance, darkness

Let us become the torchbearer
A beacon in this dark world…

DidiArtist, 21.8.2019


11 comments on “Positivity and Negativity

  1. So true Didi my dear friend! 💖 How are you doing? Things have been busy. I’m on my way home from a professional conference that I’ve been attending this week. It was really nice. Your post definitely made me think of the yoga and meditation that I attended and some of the speakers stories they shared. Sending lots of love, light, and hugs 💗🤗💗🤗💗

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    • My dear Jenna
      Yes, we have to be very careful where we surrender and give our attention to – many people do yoga and meditation like eating breakfast or just to fulfill some personal wishes without knowing the whole background of it, the effect of it. When we travel somewhere we should know where our journey brings us, we should be prepared for this new country and use a guide who already knows such places, the dangers of it and what is worth to be seen – but many people run over the clips without knowing that a terrible fate may await them.

      So be careful my friend as my Master said: better not to meditate or follow some kind of yogas that will not bring to the right place, the right goal. Whenever you have any questions regarding spirituality, meditation, and yoga, please do not hesitate to ask me, just feel free to put any question and will do my best to answer as good as I can.

      Right now I am on a holiday tour through Sweden, Danmark, Germany, and Austria. When I am back I take care of my site again. This will be by the middle of September.

      Until then much love to you, my friend

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