15 comments on “Denouncing

  1. Dear Dany,

    At a certain point it is better not to critize any more, but of course if it is necessary to tell the truth to a friend or when a certain situation requires it to open the mouth in the name of truth – then silence is not correct. If it is a friend then it is better to tell him or her under four eyes kindly what is not nice when the friend has made a mistake. What concerns political situations: Politics can never be improved by the help of politics – we have already seen this dilemma during the last few thousand years. Dr. Harbhajan Singh held a speech at the Vienna Human Rights conference and there he also told: that we cannot solve the problems of mankind and human beings alone with politcs, but with the help of spirituality – “Man know thyself” – everything else will end up in endless discussions and in a waste of time – My hope is that some day mankind is ready bringing forward conscious people who can really lead the people who are living examples of the terms: respect, love understanding, selfless service – but this can only happen when people start to change themselves first… and this means to have an own back-yard clean-up first of all – we ouselves have so many mistakes in us – are we then entitled to criticize others for their mistakes?… this is the other side of the coin… we should become a bit more humble.

    Thank you for your comment 🙂
    All the best, dear friend

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    • Thanks, dear Megha 🙂

      What I have learnt from observing and own experience is the fact that we judge ourselves not with the same measure as we often too quickly judge others. Those critiques are also often based on not enough knowledge, on ignorance – in this way we use prejudices – but would we do it in the same way with us, as a strict “judge” – we are in fact milder with ourselves – the consequence: If we know that we have also shortcoming, why do we point the finger towards others? – to make us better? – Sants and Saints tell us how important it is to become humble – but a person who critisizes others, not knowing the background and the life that the other is leading to a full extent, is surely not humble – Nietzsche once wrote: “They attack to hide that they are attackable” Surely, there is some truth in it. – When we start to discover ourselves, we have to be aware of our own shortcomings and then start to weed them out one by one. When putting water to the gras with some holes in it – ants may come out and the more water we put there, the more ants will come out – in the end we do not have any time anymore to see the mistakes of others, but are so much involved with our own mistakes that at the same time we become more and more humble… this is also a process of becoming conscious and reveals something we call: “Man know thyself” – our dilemma is that most of us think that we know ourselves good enough – but is this really the case??? Philosophically spoken: The mistakes we see and discover in others are like a mirror – they are also present in ourselves…

      Thank you so much for your comment, dear friend 🙂

      Have a nice weekend


    • Dear friend,

      The meaning of it is: we treat people differently for the same thing: we spare ourselves, are not so critical with ourselves as we are critical with other people: we should treat people in such a way as we wish to be treated by them…
      Thank you very much 🙂
      All the best


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