Understanding grows in the Change



What once was considered cool
Is with growing awareness
A great embarrassment

What is considered cool today
Is tomorrow already embarrassing…

We need more consciousness
To say good bye to ignorance
Ignorant pathes and habits…

DidiArtist, 23.10.2020


6 comments on “Understanding grows in the Change

  1. Situations may appear okay at a certain point in time and as time passes, it may no longer be okay. The same goes true if it was not okay in the first place and later on, it becomes okay. We have to remember that surrounding circumstances can dictate and even influence the validity of such situations.

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    • Yes, dear friend – we have to understand how our mind controls us, in this or that direction – once we have understood its function we learn from it and can be even more careful in our present actions to be aware of them. Everything that is ignorant in our doings belongs to the mind for which we have to pay the price, consciousness means also to recognize the traps on our path, not to be the prey of the mind, but to know ahead the result of it. Otherwise, we are victims of our mind, not to know what to do, but doing just those things that our mind dictates…

      Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂
      Have a great weekend, my friend 🙂

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