True Love



True love is not a business
True love has no expectations
True love shares and gives
True love exudes the fragrance of the heart
True love unites, embraces
True love sacrifices without equivalent
True love is full of humility
True love is full of compassion
True love is consciousness
True love is the light of God

Let us light this light in us
And share it with the whole world

DidiArtist, 05.02.2017


41 comments on “True Love

    • My dear friend,

      Thank you very much for kind words and action 🙂
      Wish you all what is good for your soul
      (These were the words when Dr. Harbhajan Singh, true disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, ended a spiritual lecture (Satsang)

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  2. Thanks for sharing DIDI SIR.

    Love which is unsuspecting
    Love which is all-encompassing
    Love which bestows us the spirit of understanding
    Love which does not embarrass us but embracing
    Love which gives us magnetic pull in us in all that we’re doing
    Love which is for good
    Love whose results could be reaped for long



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