Seasons of love



Eyes touch in the meeting
Spring in the air
Hearts are beating
Ready to pair

Sleeping feelings arise
Carefully, tender, stretching
From snow and ice
Sun-light catching

Breathing the summer wind
Gently wafting through the hair
Leaving a beautiful tint
Of love in the air

Somersaults in feelings
With hay odour around
Old wounds are healing
In light and sound

Farewell of storm and heat
Of buzzing life and noise
To harvest ready seed
Where autumn gives a choice

Past voices falling off like leaves
In coloured dress of patience
Love is growing, thrives
Has no masks nor agents

Hearts calmly beating
In winter silence covered
Send from depth a greeting
Where nothing can be suffered

Love is always present
Never dies in time
It is an endless present
A light of cosmic shine

DidiArtist, 10.05.2012


26 comments on “Seasons of love

    • Sorry, dear friend, that I did not answer earlier, I have just found your comment unanswered.

      So thank you for your comment and kind words šŸ™‚
      Havew a nice weekend


  1. Beautiful words Didi and a profound meaning. Love can be manifested by appreciation of what each season brings and helps us to find it externally of ourselves as well. Hope you have an awesome day šŸ™‚

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  2. Dear Pharaoh,

    It means if there is a rock, like small mountain or a big stone in the sea and when even through the storm the waves are smashing against this rock/stone – it is so strong that even a strong storm cannot do any damage to this rock/stone – means: to be solid as a rock šŸ™‚

    All the best my friend

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