Marriage of head and heart



When our head says: go
But our heart says: stop
Where does it lead us to? –
Towards insecurity and doubts

When our heart says: go
But our head says: stop
Where does it lead us to? –
Towards insecurity and doubts

When heart and head get married
There is a bondage of unity and oneness
Where does it lead us to?
Towards happiness…

A clear Yes, a clear No…

DidiArtist, 18.06.2017


28 comments on “Marriage of head and heart

    • Good morning, dear friend πŸ™‚

      Yes, also when we want to stop something, for example bad habits, then it is also necessary that heart and head say yes together. One of them is not enough.

      Thank you very much for your honest comment πŸ™‚
      Wish you a great day

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        • My dear friend,

          When I was much younger I tasted the world as many other people and was a person who did not know where the real way is, our purpose of life. I evern drank alcohol and faced many bad things too, as I was blind and have not had any real goal in my life. Then I tried to find the sense of life in philosophy and studied it autoditactedly – I did not find the answers and I still was a small boat in the stormy waves of life. Then entered the path of spirituality. In the beginning I did not really know what this means – it was also in fashion and there are also 100000 of different ways. And still I was a searcher. I practised Hatha-yoga and read many books about it. Through a wonderful happening, which would be too long to write it here down, I came to Unity of Man whose founder was Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. From then onwards my life has changed and gave up eating meat, drinking alcohol and the like. So everything that drives us forward is some kind of yearning to find, from where we come, where we have to go when leaving the body. My searching has stopped then, as I found in the teaching of my Master every answer. It is said: When we make the first step towards God, God will come with millions of steps towards us. So do not give up, allow your yearning become very strong, the yearning for truth and what is your purpose of life. I recommend to start reading the books of the real compentent Master Sant Kirpal Singh.

          for this purpose read as much as you can to from this site:

          and this site:

          Here you find many very good books, books for your soul, food for your soul.

          and here is the place I visit one time in a year:

          KIRPAl SAGAR – where all religions are peacefully under one roof, an atmosphere of Unity of Man with love and respect to each other.

          If you have questions, so please do not hesitate to put them – I will then do my best to answer them.

          I wish you much strength and the deep inner wish to turn your face towards God – then God will make arrangements for you.

          Head up, dear sister – as we think so we become – so anchor your thoughts in the positive circle, if something negative comes up – turn your thoughts in the positive way, think of something what is positive: helping people selflessly without being proud of it… think of God, light a candle and think of our Father

          From heart to heart

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