36 comments on “Mirror: – Karma

    • Dear Dany,

      …and even better not to seed anything – as we are otherwise the Doers – if there is one Ocean, then consequently He is the controlling power – only when we claim we are the doers, we do this and that (even when doing good things – this all comes from our ego and ego separates, separates even the drop from the Ocean. Once I wrote (and in reality its not even me who is writing…) – The shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow. In this way we all are living in a big illusion and keep us as doers and whatever comes from us, good or bad, it will return, it will have effects (cause and effect) and will even bind us in the three worlds (physical, astral, causal world) – in this circle we still would be prisoners no matter if we are in golden or in iron chains… as soon as we recognize that we are not the Doers but servants of God, nothing comes from us, but everything from Him – this is the only way to escape the karmic wheel of coming and going and is called Neh-Karma as actionless actions…

      Thank you for you attention and presence
      All good wishes

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