I see God in all

Today my heart is overflowing
With love and tears for everyone
I feel the deep connection
From man to man
From heart to heart
A music of the spheres
Between God and man
Between Creator and creation

Today my heart is overflowing
A symphony of love
A flow of tears
Golden water pearls running
Down from my cheeks
Feeling one with all
Embracing the universe
A divine kiss into my heart

My heart is dancing…

Β© DidiArtist, 15.04.2019


20 comments on “I see God in all

  1. Dearest Didi β€” Such days are beautiful days indeed, when all Creation seems to glow and sing the symphony of The One. I’d wish them for us all every day, but then we would stop appreciating them. Better that they are such a blessing when they arrive! Thank you for sharing!! From heart to heart, jen

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    • My dear Jen,

      Thank you so much, dear friend – yes, we need a kind of balance: as flowers need it too: rain and shunshine – when we only lead a good life (sunshine) without problems we surely will not advance so much. Problems (rain) may sometimes be a bitter medicine – but they help us too, to learn and understand and progress on our path – so I am very thankful for those days filling my heart and head.

      Thank you so much, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      From heart to heart

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  2. in the evening that passed
    was passed with some sombre thoughts
    due to something i can fathom not
    since those thoughts
    were created sequel to after-effects
    of incidences which happened
    the days or years before
    but were revived
    because of yesterday’s
    solemn moments.
    Today i got up refresh
    with fresh thoughts
    of love and hope
    a hope which gave me
    will to spread smiles
    amongst my friends and others around
    maybe EASTER has its effect

    THANKS AND REGARDS for sharing such a beautiful poem.


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  3. Amen, this is Glorious, such beauty of adoration and thanksgiving your words. A time of harmonious worship unto God, as we embrace his presence. We see God beyond self, seeing Him in All. Forever ❀️InHisCare

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