Source of Unity, Oneness



If we do not longer see us
Separated from woman and men
Cultures and nations
Religions and ideals
Skin-colours and systems
Which are our outer lables
Then we reach the core in us:
That what unites us
Connects us
Makes us ONE
– The human in us

From there we can start
Without barriers between us
From there our mutual love
Can grow in harmony
The source of all humans
– To be humans…

Let us treat as humans
– And not as outer labels…
…Then all outer labels
Differences, so-called separations
Lose their fences, borders and win
Respect and harmony
Humanity for humanity

DidiArtist, 11.11.2008


13 comments on “Source of Unity, Oneness

  1. Didi Sir, The temporary segregations are our own creation but humans, in general, are the same with slight differences here and there but one this, in particular, remain indelible is that we are all our COMMON CREATOR and when we will depart from this planet, will meet the same end. There will not be any separation or separate compartment based on narrow and parochial considerations.

    Your poem is based on that TRUTH (Sach) which cannot be disputed by any stretch of the imagination.

    I have penned down a write-up on CONVERSATION, kindly appraise and offer your comments. Those comments will render inspiration to me.



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    • Dear Harbans,

      Thank you, dear friend πŸ™‚
      Infact, we are creators of our own karmic reactions. However, this does not mean that we are the Creator Himself. The king stays always the king who has his ministers or the Master has His disciples – so Minister stay in the position of Ministers and disciples as disciples – they have respect to the king or Master do not claim to be in the position of the king or Master. If you allow me, I have to correct one thing: We do not meet the same end, we go from this world in the same way, all of us, that is true – but the places where we have to go according to our karmic reactions, (cause and effect) are different. There are millions of worlds and dimensions in the inner planes and even many many subworlds within the astral plane. So some have to go to the so-called heaven (pious egoists) and other whose life where not so good (violence, hate, criticizing/blaming others, committing bad deeds etc) – there place is the so-called hell. Then there are others they are advanced but yet not ready for the real journey home and they have to stay in certain regions, meditating for a long long time before their journey can continue. You can read this also in the Guru Granth Sahib and in the book of my Master: “Mystery of death” – so everything depends on how we live our life, with what kind of thoughts, words and deeds – everything has a reaction. The positive power and the negative power both record all what we have done and according to the results of our thoughts, words and deeds – there we have to go. If we would be really our own Creator as some people are convinced of – then again we are the doers – however, there is only ONE Doer and this is the Creator Himself – and when everything is in His will, how can we create anything…

      I hope you do not mind, if I go to your page and leave a comment when it is my feeling to do so and I ask you to understand me in this matter. Everything should be done voluntarily, not under pressure. You have kindly asked me – which I appreciate also very much, but, dear Harbans, leave it up to my feelings and time when to comment or not. Have a bit more patience and every now and then I will give you an answer.

      And I ask you not to be disappointed, dear friend.

      From heart to heart

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      • Factually, we are the constructs of our own karmic deeds and misdeeds. I view it like this, whatever we are, we should try to imbibe those traits which raise us spiritually. Every act of ours should raise us to the next level and should not degrade us – should get karmic credit and minimize karmic debt.

        You have mentioned heaven as β€˜pious egoists’ which baffles me. Why suffixing the word egoists since ego is a negative trait when we cross a line – when we exceed the threshold of self-esteem, ego takes centre-stage.

        Thanks also for educating me on millions of worlds and dimensions in inner plane and other mysteries. I shall go through the sources for my knowledge. Then there is the question of positive and negative power.

        He is the doer and we should always remember this while living our lives.

        As far as your remarks on my write-up is concerned, you can take time convenient to you. I am obviously sorry to inconvenience you every now and then.
        With warm regards

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        • Dear Harbans

          The term “pious egoist” – are not my own words. Saint have used them to let us know that only when we are totally free from ego and pride, from the clutches of the mind, then we transmigrate the inner worlds with the help of a competent Master. As long our ego is still working in one way or another, even when doing good deeds, then we are still under control of the mind. When you do something selflessly, really with a total pure heart and mind, then it is not you who is doing it but the Will-power of God, you become a tool in His hand. These are people who are really free from mind and ego, however in our world there are many many people they surely do good things, but when the pride interferes with them – then they become the doer and they are proud of what “they have done” – then they are the Doers and not God… Sant Kirpal Singh said: If we wear iron chains or golden chains – chains are chains – it means: bad things return bad and good things return good – but nevertheless we are still in the circle of coming and going – this does not bring us out of this karmic wheel – what brings us out according to Guru Nanak, Kabir, Guru Gobind Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh and others – is developing love and devotion for God – then God Himself is going to take arrangements to connect such a sincere seeker for the truth with a competent Master or also Gurmukh (perfect disciple) or its spiritual community (Sangat) that he can start his way home through intitiation into the beyond. All holy scriptures let us know that a real teacher is needed to help us across the ocean of life, to help us also go thourgh the inner ways, a guide who knows where the traps and dangers are, who is able to give us a first-hand experience into the beyond. How difficult it is to remember the God power all the time came from the words of Kabir. He said that He forgot to think of Him only for one second and it appeared to him like 50 years… The problem is: in us there is still to much pride, pride of knowledge, pride of having achived something, pride of possession and the like – these all are hinderances on our way. We have to become so humble as Kabir put it: “He said that He Himself felt as the worst man of all…” Because all shortcoming, may they be even microskopic small, appeared to Him as mountains. And our dilemma is: We often even do not see our own shortcomings. It is a learning process. Kabir also said in this connection: 1. be humble, 2. be humble and 3. be humble… this really means alot and when you understand now what is meant with pious egoists – you will be aware that those people, doing good things, were not humble enough, their own pride of having done something, is working in them, manipulating them.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, dear friend.
          All the best

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          • Didi sir: You have really opened my eyes with your most sagacious explanation about the ‘PIOUS EGOISTS’. I was having very limited know-how about this phrase. My gratitude to you for coming to my succour in removing my misgiving about everything which I lack.

            Sant Kabir’s enunciation 1. Be humble. 2. Be humble 3. Be humble are obviously an eye-opening in today’s perspective.

            With warm regards,


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