1000 + 1 Motives



Some build relation
On cleverness
Some choose power
As their means
Some use violence
To achieve their goals
Some bath in fakes
To stand in light
Some are tricky
Behave like vampires
Some fill their pockets
With dark money
Some escape
Create virtual worlds
Some are greedy
Fight for more
Some are hurt
React as bumerang
Some are jealous
See ghosts everywhere
Some flatter
To win advantages
Some do business
With life and death
Some lose themselves
Search their place

Some love God
Not for their own sake
But for God sake

Some share and give
Their last shirt

Some do and live
Not for themselves
But in service for others

Some are conscious
See the world in flames
Give their life
For a better world

Lets peep behind the curtain
To which motives we belong to…

DidiArtist, 24.06.2018


23 comments on “1000 + 1 Motives

  1. Interestingly put! Sifting through the illusions in the facade we arrive at many paths … yet the heart knows that all leads to …the ultimate path of eternal truth of oneness. Have a beautiful day !! Thank you for your beautiful shares

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    • Thank you so much, dear Savvy 🙂
      Yes, our soul knows where it belongs too and wants to return to its source – as the light sent by the sun wants to return into light.

      Also for you a pleasant and relaxing day, my friend 🙂

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    • Regarding digital art: In my family, my father and my sister are real artist. In my case, I have continued with ideas and good filters on digital art. Poems and aphorism is the result of what I have learnt through my Master Sant Kirpal Singh.
      All the best, my friend 🙂

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