Old people’s home in Kirpal Sagar


Dear friends

In Kirpal Sagar, we have also started to build an Old People’s Home (about 24 years ago) that possibly will be the biggest in whole India giving accommodation for about 1000 elderly people in the future. So the social aspect plays also an important role besides the spiritual aspect in Kirpal Sagar where a man can develop as a real man to practice service to man, service to the land, and service to one’s own soul.

To you all greetings from my heart


Old people’s home

The old people’s home was opened in 1994 during the World Conference on Human Unity held in Kirpal Sagar.

Due to the prevailing poverty, many elderly people in India, although they are loved by their families, do not have a pleasant life. The elderly people with their life experience will be able to give their advice and help each other. They have also learned certain professions. If they are able to guide others, they can be of invaluable help for unskilled people working on the project.

It will be possible for them to deal with the meaning of human life, and even in old age, they will be able to understand what they have not yet understood. In this way, their lives can come to a peaceful and gentle end.

Those who want to serve selflessly have the opportunity to do so here. You can choose from the various activities of the project to find a job that suits you. In this way, they can find fulfilment in the service to their fellow man and can live in a carefree manner, in an atmosphere that is entirely focused on their physical and spiritual well-being.




16 comments on “Old people’s home in Kirpal Sagar

    • Thank you, dear Cheryl.
      In all times we had holy Saints, even in different religions. They came not as patients as we are , but as doctors to open our inner Eye . They were sent by God to bring more understanding to people and keep the universal teaching alive that was taught by all competent Masters (for example by: Christ, by Kabir, Maulana Rumi, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Nanak, Hafiz, Shamaz e Tabrez and also by Sant Kirpal Singh

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  1. This is wonderful, Didi!! What a lovely place to live out the last of one’s days, serving others as long as one is able. Truly beautiful. More places like this should exist all over the world!! From heart to heart, jen

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    • Thank you very much, my dear Jen πŸ™‚
      Indee it is a wonderful place and many people from all over the world went to this place helped voluntarily to build up this place. Kirpal Sagar translated means: Ocean of Grace – and in the Holy Scripture of the Sikh faith you can read in the Guru Granth Sahib that the “Merciful” will come and bring a change into this world – the translation of the “Merciful” – is Kirpal (my Masters name) – He gave 500 Rupees to Dr Harbhajan Singh and instructed him to buy land there and build up this place called Kirpal Sagar. It is not only a place to serve people socially but also a place that belongs to the whole mankind where all relgions are peacefully under one roof (we already had two major world-conferences over there) – So thank you very much for your interest in it, my dear friend πŸ™‚
      Much love and many hugs to you
      From heart to heart

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