Charitable hospital of Kirpal Sagar, India


Dear friends,

Today I would like to present the Charitable Hospital of Kirpal Sagar.
May God bless you all


Kirpal Charitable Hospital

No one can be said to have been born for himself alone, for none can be an island unto himself.
To serve the needy, sick and starving, is also a sideline, more effective than mere preaching.
Sant Kirpal Singh

Since it ­was ­the ­wish of ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh to ­help ­the ­needy ­with med­i­cal ­care, ­the Kirpal Charitable Hospital ­was ­the ­first fa­cil­i­ty with­in ­the pro­ject ­which ­took up ­its func­tion in 1983.

Poor ­and ­needy peo­ple ­are get­ting ­free med­i­cal treat­ment ­and med­i­cine. Ho­me­o­path­ic, al­lo­path­ic ­and na­tu­ro­path­ic ther­a­pies ­are ap­plied by doc­tors ­from In­dia ­and Ger­ma­ny. Furthermore, ambulances reach out to remote villages at central gathering points, such as schools to provide medical care for people.

From time to time eye specialists from the Indian Government come to Kirpal Sagar to perform eye operations. A dentist’s practice at the hospital provides dental care for the people of the neighbouring area and also for the students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy.

Al­so prep­ar­a­tions ­for a Med­i­cal Col­lege ­are in ­progress. Students of this Medical College will perform their practical training within the hospital.




13 comments on “Charitable hospital of Kirpal Sagar, India

    • Dear Cheryl,

      Yes, I am very happy that I came across such a beautiful competent Master – who has given me so much for which I am very thankful. There are 100000 of so-called Masters and false prophets, but to find a real competent Master is very rare – maybe 1 in billions. There are also criteria how to difference between a so-called master and a real Master – I am going to write about this subject quite soon.

      Thank you very much, dear friend and have a great day

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          • Thanks and regards.Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

            Thanks you so much for your most valuable and inspiring comments on my write-up. It is a sad thing that we do not assign time for connecting with our inner self so as to know ourselves for self-realization.

            Although there would be economic slowdown globally, but the proverb: HOPE LINGERS WITH LIFE or JAAN HE TO JAHAN HE should always be kept in mind. Think of the ones who have lost their love ones. The environment gains cannot be disputed; Delhi pollution was the talk of the town but now the pollution level has really been reduced to a limit. This is in fact a positive outcome of the LOCKDOWN.

            Lets see what tomorrow brings for us all but we can have the luxury of remaining confined to the comforts of our houses but your profession does not allow you for this confinement luxury. I pray for you and your love ones wellness despite challenges.



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