Walker between worlds



Climbing mountain
Vibrant ups and downs
Collecting wisdom, truth
Stowing them into the backpack
Of the heart

Pathes become familar
Traps and dangers known
Inner worlds visible
Experiences practical

How to share them?
Only those who know
Have eyes to see
And ears to hear

Others ogle with the mind
Cannot hear the truth
Of higher worlds above
But need their time, their way

Seeing is believing
Is knowing practically
Has no race with others
But humbleness and grace

Lonesome are the ways
The walks between the worlds
And those who know the land
Confirm, others not…

DidiArtist, 17.06.2017



50 comments on “Walker between worlds

    • Thank you, Dany 🙂

      Indeed, in reality noone is really alone – we are all connected with the ocean of life, of consciousness – but the more you climb up your way the more it gets lonesome, more and more co-walkers are left behind or go their way, they have to go – so loneliness is there and yet not there, depending on the point of view.

      Thank you very much for your poem and thoughts 🙂
      Have a nice weekend

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      • Thanks too much to you Didi for opportunity and comparison. The image of climbing the mountain and journey is a metaphor of fatigue and mood that is not actually an image of solitude but of self-knowledge of limits and ability to overcome The human experience itself and in any case is a social experience because every person is our mirror to practice what we have learned and to spread the seed of love in the world. A serene time to you. Dany

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        • Thank you, Dany 🙂

          Spreading love presupposes that our love is really pure – unless it is not pure we spread also those unpure things in us to the world and they in turn cause little things and bewilderness that we did not want originally. But this is also a natural thing during our own development. Maybe there is no such perfection existing at all and the perfection lies in the way of becoming perfect (so never perfect 100% in this way). So first of all is to pure our mind – with a pure mind (relatively seen) we can also spread pure love – on our developing path of life we have to learn in thankfulness to become more and more consciouness. You are right: everyone is like a mirror to ourselves – when we criticise for example than we criticise ourself… the whole world is a mirror to our Self – in the end: it is our higher Self. The broken fragments come together and build a gigant mirror in which we can see our self, our Self (when there are no ripples of the mind…)

          Alone we come into this world and alone we have to leave this world and each of us with a unique connection as drop to the Almighty Ocean, our real Friend and Father, here and beyond
          – finally we disappear, our personality, our I-ness ermerging back to Him as Him – as there is noone else really existing… except Him…

          Thank you for your profound answer.
          Best wishes

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  1. Dearest Didi — I nearly wept when I read this one. It is so beautiful and so true. I have many people in my life, and I am grateful for all of them, because each of them is a unique image of the Unity, the One who is within each of us, and each of them brings me lessons (if I am willing to learn), but none of those people know more than a small part of my Journey. Often I can’t find words by which I could share my experiences with others, and even if I could find the words, very few people would want to hear (or believe) what I would share. We must simply keep walking, knowing there are ever more levels of wisdom that we have not yet attained, and we must continue trying to share parts of our Journeys, so that if another walker’s path crosses ours, he or she can have a moment of feeling less lonely.
    Many blessings to you, jen

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    • My dear Jen,

      It makes me very happy that I could touch your heart – yes, we are living drops of His Ocean and from the same essence as He (Water of life) – so we are in exchange all the time to bring us a bit forward, to become a bit more conscious with some more understanding. Lonely is noone indeed, as we have one power in us that will accompany us even when leaving this body – this power is always with us. Often we feel misunderstood because our fellow human beings have different experiences, backgrounds and understandings. Some are very close to us, we feel that they understand us but we deeper we go into our own way, the gap of even those close friends becomes wider and broader – as we are all unique and not the same, but we have the same power in us, we feel that we are living, consious entities and that there is a very unique connection between the drop and the ocean – as we all feel exactly this very life, this power that makes us feel alive, consious (cogito ergo sum) in the same way as you feel you as I feel I in me.

      Sometimes we walk some time together in life, exchange us in thoughts,feelings and emotions –
      are like children: crying together, laughing together, playing together until our ways come to a junction and a slowly good-bye takes place in our hearts.

      When we love the Ocean of all Consciousness, then we love also all His drops in it, knowing that we are ONE and not separated, not alone – so in this sense of the word “ALONE” in which we are “alone” and “al(l)-One”, all-ONE at the same time…

      Thank you my dear friend for sharing your heart with me

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  2. Climbing mountain Vibrant ups and downs Collecting wisdom, truth Stowing them into the backpack Of the heart.

    imagery. What an excellent idea. Just don’t make the backpack to heavy not hoops for the back.

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