Honesty and Awareness



We are not aware of all our mistakes,
How can we then be honest
Where mistakes stay hidden?

Honesty goes along with awareness…

How much blindness is still in us?…

DidiArtist, 17.11.2020


12 comments on “Honesty and Awareness

  1. Sometimes even we, ourselves, cannot uncover the hidden repressed secrets of our subconscious mind. Great posts, so wonderful to see each day. Amber. ❤

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  2. Aside from behavioral blinders, cultural norms have a play as well. Two societies for example may do the same action but 1 of them thinks it is wrong as well as a mistake while the other one thinksit is normal and right.

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    • Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂
      Indeed it is a point, to mention. However, when it comes to consciousness (honesty) it is then a matter of the power of discrimination. This what you say is exactly what we see in the world, different attitudes, convinced it is the right thing, that it is honest what so many people are doing – but is it really? It is rather ignorance which we see in so many ways in the world and cause of it is: they do not know themselves, honesty is lacking and mind is controlling them so much that they declare lies as honesty.

      This is indeed a real big problem almost the whole world is suffering from – when we start knowing the tricks of our own mind then we start to understand – but who is willing to dive in itself, to find the truth, to be honest with oneself. We are deceived by so many things and we even are self-cheating us without knowing, without being aware of it. Kabir says: “The whole world is sleeping, if there is one awake, God may hold His hand over him.” Sure, honesty is depending how far we are aware of our own character, our own self, how much consciousness we have about our own self. Honesty comes from deep within and sometimes when we are not sure about ourselves, then we can hear a thin voice sometimes (like our conscience) to tell if something is true or false, a lie or honesty. but when we are indifferent, then we do not hear this voice. A pure heat is surely honest and our hearts are so much filled with the dirt of the world that we have problems to differentiate what is what. The more we dig in us, the more we find shortcomings in us which come to light, once we know them we are able to “treat” them with honesty, sincerity, disciplin and humbleness. Honesty refers to things we know, to say I am honest requires knowledge about ourselves, not on the surface, but deep within, but when we are ignorant to it then…
      This a big subject, my friend and not so easy to explain in a few sentences.

      So thank you very much for your precious comment 🙂
      Hugs and love

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