Reaching hearts



Not necessary to twist words
To hold whole lectures
Bend lips and tongues
When reaching a heart

Heart speaks with simple words
Touches you with light
A hug of love
Symphonie between hearts

Beams of light touch each other
Cosmic melody
A dance in Oneness
Vibrating happiness

Poem that find its way
Directly into the heart
Changing the beat
Song of two hearts

Happiness for you and me…

DidiArtist, 09.09.2018


36 comments on “Reaching hearts

  1. Hi from Anne, I would love you to tell me what you loved about Freddie Mercury. I did not know of his person or songs very miuch, but I am sure he was an admirable person, and I would love to know more about him. I mean this in an honestly good and friendly way. Thank you so kindly.

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  2. Dear Chuck
    I am happy that you like this poem πŸ™‚ yes, of course you can always reblog my poems whenever you want, dear friend – my thankfulness for it πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend

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  3. Brilliant, Didi!!! I really love this so much! I shall reblog this with your permission??
    Thank you so much for doing this! I’m so impressed and happy about it.
    Have a great day, Didi!!!

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  4. Thank you very much, dear friend Amria πŸ™‚
    Sometimes such a creation takes many hours – however, with all those digital photos that I have created so far, I am not satisfied and some of them need improvement. Step by step I am going to do this and exchange them after it.

    Thanks, my friend for your postive support πŸ™‚
    From heart to heart

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