By chance or intelligent design?



If life came into being
Just because by chance
Then all that is connected
With that chance
Is also connected by chance?
A row of millions of chances?

If spirit/consciousness came into being
Just because by chance
A reasoning falling together
In cause and effect
Without chain reactions?
A chance of the chaos?

Intellect, a product by chance?
Building ideas
Of thoughts and words
Linking them together
A flow of actions, reactions
Divine linkage

Every why has a reason
Every question a linking chain
So we want to find an answer:
Chaos by chance?
Or nothing is possible – by chance?…
But place our questions – on reasons…

Can, therefore, our questions about chaos and chance
Be put down without reasons – chaotically?…

When all is connected – there cannot be chaos…

DidiArtist, 26.04.2019


17 comments on “By chance or intelligent design?

    • Thank you for your contribution, dear friend πŸ™‚
      What I find fascinating is that even Chaos-supporter use the same tool as the non-representatives of the Chaos-theory: their intellect, to reason why, their ratio to find a logic in it – and is not logic (a chain of thoughts, so itself not Chaos? is a Chaos thought at all possible without giving a sense to it, without reasoning that is based on order itself? So can a mind fight a mind with the help of the mind?…

      All the best, dear friend and inspite of those difficult times, just make the best of it.

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