7 comments on “Quality counts – by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. Yes Didi sir, it is not the number of years we live, it is the number of our sound achievement in limited number of years counts – the quality of work we perform in short span. Regards.

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    • Thank you for your compartion between quality and quantity, dear friend Harbhans 🙂

      In addition to it I want to state that Master Sant Kirpal Singh meant here also the so-called masters indirectly, who are after quantitiy (many disciples), and He means that if there is even only 1 person, who is purely developed in his heart, surrenders to the commandments of the Master, obeys them in full and practises all the teaching in his life, has developed receptivity, is more worth than thousands of peopel who are only a show in numbers. One who stands is enough.

      Thanks for your contribution and support, dear friend 🙂

      All the best

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