Thank you all for your compassion and patience

Dear friends from all over the World,

I am on the path of recovering my health and it won’t be long until my return to share with you again thoughts about the purpose and the meaning of life, how we can rise above the difficulties of life.

Thank you all for your kind words and compassion.

Have a little more patience.

Enclosed is a video with the words of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, sincere disciple and Gurmukh of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, which are able to move us, what we can contribute to give a positive goal to our life, to get out of the clutches of the Negative Power with the help of our Divine Father, a Power not only for one religion, for one country, for one group of people, but which is there for all people, as they are all His children, all belong to His creation, as the single drop belongs to the ocean.

The more we begin to understand, the more our angle of vision, how to see this world, will change….

It is high time to change ourselves….

With a warm embrace