Love all with no exception

My dear brothers and sister,

Thank you all, my dear friends πŸ™‚ Sometime in April, I will be back.

Here is a video (lasting about 3 min.) I would like to share with you:

From heart to heart Didi

22 comments on “Love all with no exception

  1. Dear, dear Didi, I pray for you every morning and remember your words to me each day. Just the other day I said to myself, he will be back soon. I thought it wishful thinking but now you say you will be back in April. Will be looking forward to your return with an open heart. Get well, dear Didi!! Take good care. Heart to ❀, Ellen

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    • My dear friend Ellen πŸ™‚

      Thank you very much for your lovely words and compassion – now I feel better and will return to wordpress. This pause was good to recover from health problems. Therefore, I will not come so often (like every day) to WordPress, but every now and then and give some more attention to some “outside” work. Hope you are fine. Kabir said: When we think God is away, then away He is, but when we think He is there, then He is very close to us…” These thoughts will always be of help for us. Whatever we have to go through, bad times, sufferings etc. (but also good times) – it is a karmic reaction. Knowing this buy heart it will help us to accept (good or bad things happenng in our lives) – and when we put our attention towards Him – it will defefinately help us bear such past consequences. Same is with love: When we really love someone from the bottom of our heart – there is no burden, no suffering – out of love we bear all what is necessary – the same way we can manage our consequences – as we love the Soul of our soul – God in us. Then we lay our life in the hand of God.

      Bhaji, the competent Gurmukh of Sant Kirpal Singh used to say:
      All that is good for you, dear friend πŸ™‚
      With hugs and love

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      • WELCOME BACK!!! You were missed. What a lovely comment!!! I cannot reciprocate in beauty. Only reflect back yours. Glad you are feeling better. Take good care and don’t do too much. So happy you are back, Didi!!

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        • Thank you so much, dear Ellen. It may takes always a few days before I return and take care of answers and comments, but I am back now with my health recovered πŸ™‚
          A happy Easter to you and your family, dear friend πŸ™‚
          Love for all of us

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    • Hallo, my dear friend Chuck πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your patience and good words πŸ™‚

      I am better now, but as a result of the long pause and as it did good for me, I will not come so often anymore as before, but every now and then.
      So whishing you all that is good for you and a time.
      All the best, my friend – and thank you one more time πŸ™‚


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