Corona Ego



Many people are not afraid of catching the disease…
And they are not even worried about infecting others…

DidiArtist, 29.03.2021


In this connection one story:
Once Lord Vishnu invited the gods, goddesses and demons. It was a rare event that both came together. Delicious food was prepared and placed on the tables. Then the host, Lord Vishnu, said, “All this is for you, on one condition: You must not bend your arms while eating.” Everyone thought, “The food is delicious, but we cannot eat it.” The demons were not able to think much about it and left. They were angry and said, “We have not been treated well enough, we will take revenge on Vishnu.” But the gods thought, “Since Lord Vishnu said it, it has a meaning, there must be something behind it, we must think about it and solve the riddle.” Finally they found the solution, “It’s not a problem, I can feed you and you can feed me, then we don’t have to bend our arms.” So the question is, where there is someone who “does not bend his arms” (who always thinks of others first)? We should not bend our arms.


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