Kirpal Sagar – all Religions peacefully together under one roof

Dear friends,

In 2007 there was a World Conference on Unity of Man and it was the first time in mankind’s history that symbols of truth of all religions side by side were revealed in Kirpal Sagar during this unique celebration.

This is an example that all religions can live together in co-existence in harmony – as there is only One God for all – we all are His children. God created man but man created religions. They all are a help for us to think of God, remember Him and it is not meant to fight against each other (one religion against another). Only ego says: this is better, this is higher – we are all in the same school of life, and aren’t we living on the same planet?…

May we all open our hearts


9 comments on “Kirpal Sagar – all Religions peacefully together under one roof

    • Dear Cheryl, I full agree with you – love is the answer for everything. What did Jesus Christ say: ” Love and everyting else will be added onto you…”
      Thank you, my friend


  1. We all of the same Creator, take water, air and sun bestowed to us all without payment of anything and that too without any discrimination. If He does not discriminate, then, why should have bias on the basis of our narrow mindset.


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