Taking decisions



Every decision
That we meet
Is pointing the way
Are laid rails
On which the train runs
Called life

Some decisions are pregnant
Give birth to a new life
Change the way of life
From choice to choice
From moment to moment
Leave junctions

Are ways untrodden
Lost Opportunities
Rails in the void
Timeless lines
Separated from reality
Imaginary roads

But all decisions
Are interconnected
Each one triggers a new one
Shapes our lives
Carries us on rails
Called instant reality

Our life itself decides
Moves in the decisions of all life…

So the space of our decisions is limited
Free will depending
On all our individual decisions
Since life is not separated from life

May we all decide well, choose well…

DidiArtist, 04.05.2019


20 comments on “Taking decisions

    • Well, dear Pat – this is something that we all went through and we have to learn from our mistakes – we may fall into the same ditch many times until we become aware that this is a ditch and when we fall there, then we suffer of course – we need to sharpen our power of discrimination, what is what and see the results or consequences ahead, then dicisions we take have a higher weight. We also have to ask ourselves what motives are behind those decisions, are they egoistic decisions (means to gain any advantage for us personally) or are they meant in the goodwill for others as well? Generally it is our mind that causes such effects, our mind is controlled by our senses and mind controls our soul. It is a bad master but once it is under control of our soul then it is a good servant. Mind is like wire, uncontrolled it causes damages here and there but controlled it can be of very good help for us (we are not mind, intellect, body – we are soul, pure spirit). Life is a learning process and mistakes, wrong deciision we have taken can be turned into a good medicine once we have digested them πŸ™‚
      From heart to heart

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