Killing in the name of



Man is still more animal than man
He kills in the name of God
In the name of religion,
In the name of the state,
In the name of a people
Hides his motives
Is hungry for power
Starves for more
Speaks of love
But hates in reality
Speaks of peace
But dreams of conquest, campaign
Is ego oriented through and through

When will he learn
That no one is a stranger
When will he learn
That all are one
When does he learn
That all are brothers and sisters
Children of the same God?

Is he still killing then?
Will he still go to war?

Or does he then understand
What love really is?

Man is still more animal than man

DidiArtist, 01.05.2021


13 comments on “Killing in the name of

  1. All that you write is true, Didi!! Sometimes I think the animals act better than man. But I just have to say I adore the artwork on this post, Didi. The colors are gorgeous. What medium is this?

    With love and appreciation,

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    • My dear friend Ellen,

      Yes, it is true: animals are more genuine than man as man makes a show, pretends, tells lies, is not true to himself, while the animals at least are true to themselves: they do not make a show, or lie, they follow just their instincts. Man needs really an upgrade, he should become more conscious and not remain in his egoistic house.
      Hugs and love my friend in thankfulness πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes Didi sir, all these upheavals which are happening in the world are happening due to f our efforts to garner more space, more power, more name and fame. In this quest we tend to kill, beat about the bush, cheat, stay put while others are being dealt with wrongly and what not. This is a sad state of affair and how long it will continue I still cannot fathom. The deaths and destruction by some of us humans to appease our ego is making the humans dehumanized species seemingly more dangerous than at the beginning of the humans on this planet. Thanks and regards.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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