A moment of thousand moments

The moment, our now, is the product
Of thousands and thousands of backgrounds
That control our behavior, our thinking
Even influence our feelings, emotions

DidiArtist, 25.06.2021

Silent bliss

Where there is space, there is time
Where there is time, there is space
Like reality and dream

Where there is space, there is movement
Where there is time, there is change
In the flow of being

Everything moves
Everything changes
In the periphery of life

In the eye of the storm
There is no time
No space

Eternity rests in it, standstill
Silent happiness
Light, consciousness

Without beginning, without end…

DidiArtist, 25.06.2021

Plaything of the mighty ocean

We are the waves of past deeds and thoughts
Waves that meet the shore of time
Memories of today, yesterday and tomorrow
In a cosmic cycle…

DidiArtist, 25.06.2021

About Medition and Yoga

Dear friends all over the world,

A dear friend of mine with whom I have regular writing contact has written a profound e-mail to me about the subject “Yoga and Meditation” which I would like to share with you all as this important subject concerns us all.
At the end of his letter I add a report of a woman who awoke the Kundalina-Snake-Power and who had to suffer a lot after it.

We also have to ask ourselves what we really want: Just peace of the mind, to extent our life (without getting to know and practise the real purpose of life), to sharpen our intellect (which alone cannot find the true answer of life and beyond), just following a fashion trend (like drinking our coffee in the morning), to gain supernatural powers (which later issue a bill to the soul and keeps it trapped), and many other motives, we may have regarding this subject. Or do we want to find the truth which is in each of us anchored in the temple of our body, to meet God, or to find the real purpose of our life? – Then we have to start to diffentiate: What is what, then we have to start to know ourselves according to the words: “Man know thyself”.

A good reading and digesting time.
All the best to all of you


Letter of my friend Lars:

Today’s subject is the yoga and man-made way of meditation and so-called spiritual practise.

According to the teaching of the Saints, the way back to God is innated in man from the time of birth. It is the natural path made by God at the same time as he created man.

This is the God made way of path created by God when he made man. This is the natural way. It is not designed by any human being, it is the design of the Creator, and none can alter, amend or add to it. It has always been, is now and shall always be one and the same. It is as ancient as man and it is innate in the Soul. It is the universal religion. The Creator, when He created man, designed this Path in him. Then if the way is made by God Himself, it must be a perfect one. So from where is the question of changing it or invent a new way arising? It may go ages upon ages, but the way still remains one and the same.

All Master speaks with one opinion. Guru Nanak proclaimed that the divine Word is the cause of this creation and best way back to God. Kabir said the same thing when he gives reference to his internal experiences. In Bible you find the same thing. You find evidence for it in all our Holy Scriptures.

We all emanates from the same Source (God) and we all came into the world in the same way. So naturally all have to go back in the same way also.

All has to go back to the same Source from where we originate. The Soul, must merge back into the point from which it had descended, and the way of ascent must be identical with that of descent. We only go in the opposite direction. We came down through this way, and now we have to turn direction and go back through the same way.

This is our ultimate goal of life. This is our Path.

But obvious there are also 100 000 other ways to meditate, created by man.

Most people meditate for getting better health, less stress, peace of mind or even with purpose of receiving miracles power, but very few meditate to know oneself or to know God.

There are many man-made ways of meditations, but there is also one natural way to enter the soul. This natural way is a part of nature and is innate in every soul. You can say it is a God made way of entering the level of soul.

Regarding the thousands of different man-made ways of meditations; they will usually fall within one of the following categories:
1) Hata yoga (Physical)
2) Prana yoga (Vitality energy)
3) Mental yoga (Mental)
4) Gyan yoga (Intellect)
5) Kundalini yoga, Chakra yoga (energy centre in the subtle body – similarly to our inner organs in the physical body)

The purpose is mostly to union with the object aimed at.

As for example:
1) Hata yoga, the union of an individual-physicality with the Universal-physicality;
2) Prana yoga, the union of an individual-breath with the Universal-breath (the source of the prana)
3) Mental yoga, the union of an individual-mind with the Universal mind;
4) Gyan yoga, the union of an individual-intellect with the Universal-intellect;

5) Chakra yoga, merging your subtle energy at the energy centre in the subtle body

However, the God made way has the aim of union the individual soul with the Universal Soul (God).

I know that it is popular to say that one can enter into the kingdom of God through
100 000 different ways. It is a good thought. But this is not a reality. It is a misunderstanding of our Holy Scriptures. Instead, all Holy Scriptures describe one and the same way. But man misunderstands and does not really understand the Holy Scriptures of the religion he or she belongs to. Human mind has created the misunderstanding, not the different master of our religions of the past.

First, I want to explain some general reasons, why these man-made ways of path cannot help us to know God.

Firstly, nothing that you do at one level can help you to rise above its own level.

All Holy Scriptures tell that soul cannot be known by intellect, reasoning, or words, as it is formless and beyond our intellect, mind and senses. Soul is consciousness and attention is the outward aspect of the soul.

Therefore, whatever you do at a level below the Soul cannot help you to rise above its own level to enter to the level of soul. It cannot take you to the level of soul. Like knows the like. Only something at the level of Soul can help you to union with the Universal Soul (God).

Secondly, these practice cannot reduce our karma, and therefore not remove that ”iron door”, that stands between us and God.

Thirdly, they are invented by the human mind and therefore are designed to practice at levels known to man. So, all man-made way of mediation is designed to be practice at the level of mind, intellect, and (causal-, astral- or physical) body, and not beyond that. But as you already know; whatever we do on these levels cannot help us to know God. Because as long as we are using our mind, intellect or (causal-, astral- or physical) body, we are stack fast there, at this level. And if we are stack fast there, how can we rise above it?

So, nothing we do at one level can help us to rise above that level. If we are doing practice at level of mind, intellect or body, it can only take us to places within its own domain or at highest to its own source, but not above that.

Let’s study the main categories of mediation methods one by one:

Now let’s examen them all, one by one:

Hatha yoga
If a person follows the Hatha yoga system and doing physical exercises, he can get good health. But he cannot transcend the body consciousness, because as long as he is conscious of the body, he is naturally in the body. And so far he do not rise above the body consciousness, how can he claim to know God?

It is likely that such physical exercises originally were invented by yogis that spend hours in mediation in a small cave in order to remain their physical health without go out of their caves.

Prana yoga
If a person practice Prana yoga and doing breathing exercises, he can get some mystical powers and can prolong his life, as your life is based on the number of breaths and he have learned to control it. But he cannot solve the mystery of deaths and he cannot go beyond the storehouse of the pranas where all the pranas merge with its source. As long as one are conscious of that physical breathing process going on, like in so many meditations, one are naturally in the body. One cannot transcend the body.

Gyan yoga
If a person follow Gyan yoga he try to do self-contemplation after intellectual discrimination and separation from outer self. But since he is totally identified with the mind, it is almost impossible to differentiate what is of the mind and what is of the Soul. He has to draw an inference – not a direct contact. That’s the work of very intellectual giants – not for everybody. It may give you dip to the beyond, but you cannot stay there. And certainly, we are not free, because the karma will still draw us back. It will not let us pass. Every time we use the intellect, we will naturally be at the level of mind, and not at the level of Soul. So it is impossible to transcend the level of mind, with the help of the intellect. And so far you cannot transcend the level of mind, how can you know your true Self and God?

Mental yoga system
If a person follow a Mental yoga system (like Raja yoga as for example) which use the mind by doing visualization, concentration or contemplation techniques. “As you think, so you become”, is a well-known aphorism. But since we are using the mind, we will only be at this level. We cannot rise above it. It is impossible, because while we use and work with our mind we naturally have our attention at the level of mind, and not above.

The mind, which is made of subtle matter, cannot know God, which is not of matter, but by Spirit (consciousness). Only the like knows the like. Only the Soul, which is made by the same essence as God, can know God. So we (our Soul) have to be separated from the mind, if you want to know God.

Besides the visualization is only your own make up, it is nothing real in it.

As Bhaji used to explain:

But what about all these yogis who says that they meditate (concentrate and contemplate) at the seat of the Soul? All say that the seat of the Soul is between and behind the eye-brows. They say so because it is from that place we originate. All our attention has come down into the body from that place, and at the time of death our attention is withdrawn to that one and the same place. So we have come from that place and we have to go back to that one and the same place, which is the seat of our Soul.

So all these yogis and so-called master would ask you to concentrate upon this point. They say this is the experience of the seat of the Soul. No, this is not the seat of the Soul. To reach there and to locate there is very difficult, because at the same place, a little bit below, you first have the intellect and then you have the mind and then you have the seat of the Soul. And so far we are not free from the intellect and the mind how can we reach the seat of the Soul? How can the Soul bear witness of itself if it cannot be separated from the intellect and the mind?

So to concentrate upon this point is not a realization of God. It is a force factor. But you cannot force God to come to you. Since He is God, He comes Himself only if He so wishes. God Power is independent and it comes only when it wished to do so. It only wished to do so when you are pure in heart and full of love for God. God is love and the way back to God is also love.

This is another process. So when you concentrate upon this point, you are only concentrate upon the mind. You are not at the seat of the Soul. Mind in the body is already astral, so when you concentrate there it will take you to the chakras and from the chakras it will take you to the astral plane. When you enter the astral plane you cannot get rid of it. Because out of all its beauty it will catch and control all your attention there and you will forget your real goal of life to find God. So this is a death trap for all and it should never be your subject.

So astral and a causals region is not our true goal. It is made of subtle matter and has nothing to do with your soul, or with your true enteral Home with your Father (the Lord of the Souls).

Kundalini yoga and chakra yoga
Hers is the explanation why kundalini yoga is not for our benefit according to Bhaji.

If a person does the kundalini yoga and tries to wake up his kundalini power; he will only go down into the chakras (in the subtle body) and then he will go round in its circle and he cannot come at of it. So this is the quite opposite way; instead of taking you up to the seat of the Soul (between the two eyebrows in the forehead) it will take you down to the chakras. You have to go up for the mountain and instead you are learned to go down, how it will end?

Our attention has descended from the seat of the Soul into the body and we have become identified with it. But at the time of death we again have to withdraw from the lower extremities. Transcending all the chakras, even going through the throat gangling where a gurgling sound is produced. At this moment the lower body is dead and only the part above the eyes is alive. Eyes are turned back and we takes upward trend, then inward trend, and here is the seat of the Soul.

But if a person has practice kundalini yoga, he is learned to leave the body and come to the chakras, which is the reverse process as that of dying (and that of going back to your Source from where you originates). So at the time of death, he will have a very dreadful death. He tries to go down, but he has to transcend above. So, it will be very dreadful for him when he leaves and even after leaving the body. This will be the result of practicing kundalini yoga.

In reality, at our present level, we are already at the level of mind. We only have to go up a little bit from the level of mind to the level of Soul. So why should we go down for the top to the lower chakras, before we again begin to go up. Our destination is upward, so why go downward?

When we are sleeping, our attention withdraws down to the throat chakra in the dream-state and to the navel chakra in the deep sleep. So, when we are at these lower chakras, our consciousness is lessened, but the way back to God is of increase the inner consciousness. So, our way back to God, is to go upward and to transcend the level of mind, and not to go downward into the chakras.

The yogis that practice Kundalini yoga is learned to go down to the lowest chakra, and after years of practice he may cross one chakra and then he begins to meditate on the next chakra right above the previous one. So after spending a lifetime he may end up at the chakra behind the eyebrows (the mind) from where he once started. So he spend his life in a vein. This life, valuable as a diamond, was wasted for nothing. He went downward only to return from where he once started. So how he will reach the destination? This is a big problem. So where the yogis end, there the true way of the Saitns starts.

Besides the kundalini is only made of subtle matter and it have nothing to do with your Soul, which is made of Consciousness. So what is the use of playing with it, if you are a lover of God? Your subject should only concern your Soul and God.

So we should not rise the kundalini. But we have to draw back our attention, which is our outward expression of our Soul, to the seat of the Soul. This should be our subject.

I hope this makes sense!


Forever with Master!




Sometimes I travelled to Tenrife and there I got to know a woman who has practised Kundalini Yoga. After some time the Snake-Power awoke in her and she felt burning everywhere in her body. She even went into the bath-tub and had to put ice into it to withstand the pain of the heat that penetrated her whole body. She became mentally ill and had to go to a mental hospital where she was a patient for quite a long time. After that she never practised Kundalini Yoga again.

How many things we do and follow without thinking… and run after because so many other people are doing it, because it is in  fashion. And if someone says: “Take poison, it is good for you” – then we even become victims and follow it like sheep…

Sant Kirpal Singh wrote a comparative book about the different types of yoga and their “scopes” and goals. So everyone who is interested in reading it can do so. It is free. Name of the book: “Crown of Life” by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.

Click to access Crown%20of%20life_engl_2019.pdf

We all are in the making and each of us has its own individual path that leads to “Rome”. Consciousness means also that we have to know all the traps on our spiritual path that keep us in the three worlds (physical, astral, causal plane) and prevents us from going back to our real home (a consciousness without mind and matter).
Hugs and love

No true life



On the outside we live
Yet inside we are dead…

DidiArtist, 15.06.2021